As I lie here awake, the minutes keep passing, not one brings me closer to you
Our love burned so hot we both felt the fire and retreated, cause it seemed the safest thing to do. 

I started doubting, so you did the same. Angry words with only me to blame
Now the spark that began that intense burning fire has dwindled…but for me there’s still a flame
But I’m to proud to tell you, I’m scared of what would come…no reaction at all or an intense “I’m so done”. 
So I’ve blocked all your numbers, hid away from your sight. Because that way I control it and I win the fight. 
Who the hell am I kidding, there are no winners here. Just a broken-hearted woman…still living in fear. 
Maybe you still think of me and want us back too. but I’ll never know cause I’m running from you. 
And the farther I get, my pace starts to slow. I’m always looking back wondering if you’ll be there to ask “where the hell did you go”


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